What-is-Wholesale-Real-Estate What-is-Wholesale-Real-Estate

What is Wholesale Real Estate?

Wholesaling is one of the best methods to be involved in real estate investing. What is Wholesale Real Estate in easy consideration? In short, it is a process in which the person finds out the best deal and then passes it to the final investor.

For this purpose, one has to be clear of any risk or downfall. During wholesaling to real estate, you are supposed to take a step into a business boundary. But on the other hand, it will not guarantee success in this business.

The reason is apparent. Anything you do in business, there is a sharp border between failure and success. So, you should know the base information of the work and everything related to it.

Besides this, you will end your career like spinning the wheel. It all depends on the baseline knowledge of real estate that you should have before stepping in.

What Is Real Estate Wholesaling?

Do you know “what is wholesale real estate?” Let me explain it to you. Real estate wholesaling is the best way to earn money by selling properties. In this process, the wholesaler finds the distressed property and then puts it under contract with a seller. 

The next step of the wholesaler is to find the best buyer and agree on the property with that buyer but at a high price. In the end, the wholesaler keeps all the difference as a profit.

Does Wholesaling Real Estate Work?

The wholesale real estate is fruitful for those ready to put their effort in great deals of interest. Wholesaling needs great effort to have a beneficial interest for due diligence. It is challenging for this kind of business. In this way, you should have the ability to detect:

  • Properties that are being sold according to the present market value
  • Arrange deals along with venders
  • Cash buyers that want to buy selling properties.

To become successful in wholesale real estate, it is necessary to be prepared well for investment and colossal effort. So, you will build a strong business connection over time.

Example of Wholesaling

If we talk about the actual idea of wholesaling, then it is straightforward; let me explain it with the help of an example. Suppose there is a homeowner and contains a property, but the thing is that he never thought to sell this property. The reason behind this is the property is not in good condition.

The homeowner won’t have enough money to renew it, and he decided to live in it and always thinks that he couldn’t get the best price for this. 

After this, the wholesaler enters and contacts the homeowner to fix a deal of that property for $90,000. Now the wholesaler used his sources and found a buyer at $100,000.

Now, the wholesaler assigns their property to the investor. In this process, the wholesaler makes a profit of $10,000 without owning the home. So, with the help of this example, we know that the wholesaler never purchases the house. He just makes a contract with the owner and finds the buyer who pays the full payment.

Pros of Wholesaling Real Estate

There are jaw-dropping benefits or advantages in this work, just like any business opportunity. Let’s dive into the pros of real estate wholesaling. These include:

  • Get profit in less time
  • Approach to those who have limited credit
  • Involve into the industry of real estate

Make Money In Short Period

If you learn the basics of real estate wholesaling and finalize the due diligence, then wholesaling will be a profit-making business. For beginners or new investors, this business is best because it demands less personal experience and finance.

If the offer you make is accepted, you can finalize your deal and obtain your payment in 30 or more days.


Knowledge of Real Estate Market

As real estate wholesaling is beneficial for newcomers because it indulges them entirely in this industry within a brief duration. For this, it is compulsory to get the proper education and direction.

You should know the initials of real estate marketing, deal organizing, negotiating, and analyzing the appropriate and legal documents. Besides this, after some dealing of real estate wholesaling under your command, you will better understand what to consider and avoid in a dealing process.

Cons of Wholesaling Real Estate

Along with any business opportunity, it is not sure that it will prove entirely beneficial. You should be ready for any disadvantage too. Some of the known cons of wholesale real estate include:

  • Income is not fixed or guaranteed
  • It is complicated to maintain the buyer’s list
  • Difficult to find the best buyers

The person who will invest should be preparing for any exit with downsides and potential; most of this exit can be lessened.

Unpredictable Income

It is necessary to know what is Wholesale Real Estate. It is not like a nine to five typical job under the instructions of the boss. You are your boss, but the bad luck is that your paycheque is not confirmed after two weeks.

Besides this, there is no retirement and health insurance benefit. So if you consider real estate wholesaling as your whole time gig, you should be the person who can manage finances by own. The suggested thing one should do is to save funds for hard days when there are no great deals.

Difficult to Find the Buyers

Having a solid buyers list is the key to become a successful wholesaler. In wholesaling business, if there is no buyer, it means no deal. It is also a complex and challenging task for an investor to find a buyer.

What is the Goal of Real Estate Wholesaling?

The only aim of real estate wholesaling is to find the deal, sell the property to willing buyers before the contract closes. It simply means there are no payment exchange hands between the seller and real estate wholesaler.

The wholesaler makes his profit by finding out the best buyer who wants to purchase the property at a higher price agreed by the buyer. Now the price difference is the profit of wholesalers.

Real Estate wholesaling is a great opportunity and suited for those who want to step into the business with no financial support. It does not require any course, degree, or to pass the exam.

The only thing you need to have is excellent communication and patient skills.

Real Estate Wholesaling vs. Flipping

In the real estate business, you have two options to make money at the time of buying and selling property. The first option is wholesaling, and the second option is house flipping. So, if we talk about the first option, wholesaling, you act as a bridge between the buyer and seller.

In this process, the wholesaler has to find the distressed home, which means that home needs some work. After this, contact the owner and put this house under the contract. The wholesaler has to find the best buyer and sell it at a high price; thus, the wholesaler can quickly make a profit.

However, flipping a house is a different process; therefore, the wholesaler must find the home that needs renovations. Contact the homeowner and buy the house. After this, the wholesaler makes the necessary renovation and sells it to the buyer at a high price.

How To Be A Successful Real Estate Wholesaler

The first thing you need to know is that real estate wholesaling is not made for everyone. The reason behind this is that this work always requires too much time, patience, and more significant commitment. The next thing you need for this work is strong communication skills.

It is best if you also have an extensive network of investors. The first key to becoming a successful real estate wholesaler is finding the right property. If you are good at finding the distressed property and their owners want to sell their property, it makes excellent prospects.

This is because these types of properties can easily attract too many investors if it is in the right location and provides too many benefits in the future. But remember one thing before buying these properties, you have to make sure what type of renovation is needed.

The next thing to become a successful real estate wholesaler is to know what kind of offer will help you to make a profit. So, always get too low and find the best buyer, but then it is impossible to sell it if you go too high. The next key to becoming a successful wholesaler is always to have an effective website to look professional.

Wholesaling Laws You Need To Know Before You Start Investing

Is Real Estate Wholesaling Illegal?

For too many people, the wholesaling business is illegal. But the main thing is that wholesaling is not selling and buying the property. In this process, the wholesaler is selling the ownership of the entire contract that is associated with the actual property. So, according to this, wholesaling is not an illegal business.

Do You Need A License To Wholesale Real Estate?

The answer to this question is no. You don’t need any type of license to wholesale real estate; you just have to become a principal buyer of all kinds of transactions. This thing will help you to have complete knowledge of the house buying and selling process. But there is no need for a license to start this business.

Do You Need A Buyers List To Wholesale Real Estate?

No, it is not correct that you don’t need a buyers list for wholesale real estate. This means it is unnecessary, but if you have the buyers list, it will be the best thing for you. This is because the buyer’s checklist will make your wholesale life easier; if you don’t have the buyers list, then no problem.

Wholesaling Real Estate: Compliance & Best Practices


Remember that all compliance and professional practice is just for informational purposes. So you don’t have to depend on it.

Position Yourself as an Attractive Buyer: 

Nowadays, the wholesale process is not only finding the right house and buyer, but it is also positioning yourself as an attractive buyer. In this way, you can easily find houses and buyers to make a profit.

Ensure All the Agreements are Reasonable: 

It is essential for every wholesaler that all the deals are valid. This means all investors have to use appropriate and also written sell and purchase agreements.

Always Include the Language Required for Agreement: 

It might be possible that sometimes wholesale deals are confusing just because of the language. So it is essential to mention the language of the contract that is required.

Include a Deposit: 

In our recommendation, you should include the deposit of $5000 to $10000 when you confirm any wholesale deal.

Must Contain the Backup Plan:

If you are the person who is interested in the wholesale business, but you should also contain a backup plan. It might be possible that the wholesale property business will not work for you, then in this situation, you need a backup plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start wholesaling real estate?

To start wholesaling real estate, you must follow all the steps:
The first step is to do research your local market
After this, you have to create a buyers list
Save the financing source
Start finding the wholesaling properties
After finding take the decisions to sell it or not

Is wholesale real estate legit?

In most countries, including the USA, wholesale real estate is legal, and the contract allows the buyer an inspection period.

Do you need money to wholesale real estate?

The answer to this question is yes; you need the money because it is expected that wholesalers can earn up to $5,000 or $10,000 or even more than this in every contract. So, in this way, it is compulsory to spend $5,000 to $10,000 to make a more significant profit.

What happens if a wholesaler can’t find a buyer?

You are brokering a property without any license that is not your own. If you fail to find a buyer, it might be possible for that seller to keep your deposits and provide you with any damage.


Well! That’s all about what is wholesale real estate? After reading the complete article, you understand that real estate wholesaling is a legal business. 

It is the best way to earn money; other than this, solving the sellers’ problems and providing opportunities to buyers offer an excellent experience.