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What Is Micro Investing? Ultimate guide

What is Micro Investing?

Almost every man has dreams that he wants to achieve, but financial problems stand as a hurdle in his way. Micro investing is the way through which many people save money to achieve their life goals. Before diving into the details of micro-investing, we should know what is micro-investing. 

So, micro-investing is just like earning money by saving your own money. In micro-investing, you invest a small amount of money, up to 5 dollars. If you have more money, you can invest more to save for your future needs. 

Business requires enormous investments, due to which a lot of people can not afford to start their own business. It is said that taking the first step is difficult. The micro-investment provides a golden opportunity for investors who can not afford to invest vast sums of money.


A simple definition for micro-investment is “ investing a small amount of money.” Different apps provide different services for micro-investment. We can take the example of “stash” and “Acorns,” which are micro-investing apps.

Stash app allows you to invest a minimum of 5 dollars at a time, while Acorns work pretty differently. Besides investing money directly, Acorns also provides services for spare change investments. 

Suppose you bought something from the market for 4.25 dollars. Acorns will deduct 5 dollars from your account, while the remaining 0.75 dollars are savings.

Why it Makes Sense for New Youngsters and Savers?

Micro investing is a golden opportunity for those investors who are young and don’t have vast sums of money to invest. Those youngsters who want to save money for later investment can use this fantastic chance. 

A survey revealed that forty percent of the millennials do not invest in stocks due to their low budget. Micro investing apps facilitate such millennials to start investing money in small amounts. Other than investment options, micro-investment apps facilitate their users with multiple options.

Stash is a micro-investing app that facilitates its users by investing money up to 5 dollars. Moreover, stash users can select between multiple ETFs to invest their money. Similarly, Robinhood does not charge any stock investment fee from its users.


If a millennial micro invests somewhere, he would have several benefits. Let’s get our hands on the benefits of micro-investing so that youngsters may decide whether to start it or not.

No Minimum Investment Requirements

Most investments require at least 1000 dollars to get started. However, micro-investing is something completely different. You can start from a small amount of even 1 dollar per day. If you are a teen, you can manage it from your pocket money also.

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Several micro-investing apps have their own rules for starting the investment. For example, stash users can invest up to a minimum of 5 dollars. At the same time, Clink users can invest up to a minimum of 1 dollar per day. 

Simply for micro-investment, you don’t have to work hard. Just change your coffee cup from large to small or medium size, and you can manage it. Taking the first step is difficult, but later you will get used to it. 

Low Asset Management Fees

Another benefit that micro investors have over other investors is that they have to pay a low management fee. It is estimated that a regular investor has to pay up to 1.18 percent of fee charges for his investments. In contrast, a micro investor has to pay one dollar per month if his investment is less than 5000 dollars.

Ability to Choose between Multiple Investment Options

Though micro-investment apps have lower fee charges than other investment companies, they provide their users with multiple investment options. A micro investor can buy a stock or invest in an ETF. Micro-investment starts from a smaller amount of money, and micro investors have the facility to buy stocks in smaller fractions.

Automatic Rebalancing of Portfolios

Many investors are unaware of the different tricks that are applied while investing money. For instance, a lot of people are unfamiliar with the secret of when to update their portfolios. Adding fixed income instruments to your portfolio is a significant part of the game, but many investors are unaware of it.

Micro investing apps offer to balance your portfolios at the correct time. While regular investors have to study everything in detail before setting their portfolio, micro investors don’t have to work much hard.

A micro investor has just to select a level at which he wants to invest. Like he may select risky, or conservative, or anything in between. The micro-investing app will automatically update his profile with the latest settings by the user.

Simple to Use Interface

Micro investing apps are simple to use, and a user can even use them on his phone. Everything is shown simply like daily investment contributions, total investment, or the growth in investment over some time. These micro-investing apps also have a help center for millennial investors to learn more about investment options.


Besides having several benefits, micro-investment also has some drawbacks or limitations. Knowing the drawbacks is essential so that you might be mentally prepared to face the problems. Diving into the details will make it more clear to you.

You May Fall Short of Long-term Investing Goals

Most people start investing to achieve their long-term financial goals. You can achieve such goals through more significant investments, but you can’t achieve your goals if you go for micro-investing. Micro investments take a considerable time but generate little profit. The reason for generating little profit is investing little money.

Limited Access to Different Types of Accounts

Investors who do micro-investment have a problem opening limited accounts. They can not open accounts other than IRA or a taxable investment account. The options are so limited that you can not open both accounts at the same time.

Limited Diversification

Moreover, the options get more limited when a user applies the auto setting of his portfolio. The app does everything it thinks is suitable for the investor. The investor has no options to select a stock or do anything else to make more money. Moreover, some micro-investing apps only prefer ETFs investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you make money micro-investing?

Of course, micro-investing is best for starting an investment, and you can also earn with it. In micro-investing, you can earn a little because when you invest little money, definitely the results would be the same. Micro investing is just a start. Never rely on it till your retirement.

Is micro-investing good?

Micro investing can help you get into the field of investment even with a low budget. For those millennials who are low on budget, micro-investing is the best option to start investing. The earning is slow, but you can get experience and money and then later move on to regular investments.

How do micro-investments work?

The working of micro-investments is quite simple. You have to invest a small amount of money, even up to 5 dollars minimum. The more you invest regularly, the more you can earn. Through micro-investing, you can also buy stocks.

Can I start earning with just 500 dollars?

If you want to go for a regular investment, you should have at least 1000 dollars. Most investment companies require at least 1000 dollars to be submitted before starting an investment. But through micro-investment, you can start earning even with 5 dollars or 1 dollar per day. 

How much do I need to invest in making 1000 dollars a month?

If you want to earn 1000 dollars per month through investments, you have to invest at least 100000 dollars. Many people can not afford such high sums of money, so they should try micro-investments. You can start a micro-investment with a few dollars and earn money

How can I turn 500 dollars into 1000 dollars?

You can convert 500 dollars into 100 dollars through several ways. Like you can start your business or learn stock marketing. You can also start investments, or if you have even less money, you can start micro-investing. Only a few dollars are required to start a micro-investment, and then you can make 1000 dollars through it.

Final Comments

Well! That was all about micro investing, its benefits, and drawbacks. If we conclude the above article, we can say that micro-investing is the best option if you have little money. You will need to wait for a long time for your earnings through micro-investments. The earning is slow but effortless. 

If you have specific goals in your life and want to make a high profit, try regular investment. Many apps provide investment services to investors. Micro investment is for those who only want to earn a livelihood and don’t have any dream goals.

Many investors started with micro-investment but are earning thousands of dollars now. The reason behind their success is that they never wasted their money. They just invested more and more money as they earned. So, you can also do this. Select a goal and start working hard to achieve it.