Income Restricted Housing and How Bad is it?

Income Restricted Housing

What is Meant by Income Restricted Housing Apartments? These are privately-owned apartments that qualify for subsidized or reduced low-income rentals. As such, qualifying applicants raise a specific percentage of rent based on the area’s median income.   Initially, the apartments were owned by the government. However, they were later devolved to allow states, cities, and private … Read more

Things to Know about Mortgage Credit Certificate in 2021

Mortgage Credit

Want to buy your first home? But you do not have an idea about the loan? You may hear about mortgage credit certificates. Still, doubt about what it is? There are lots of important things to know about a mortgage credit certificate(MCC) in 2021. Taking a loan from the bank is not easy and especially … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage Protection Insurance

If you have a house of your own, it is a great blessing. But this blessing may have some risks, which may have harmful effects on you and your family. What if your house gets harmed due to disasters or your property gets stolen? Do you know? You need Mortage Protection Insurance.  Mortgage protection insurance … Read more

How to Move Out of Your Parents’ House?


Moving out of a parents’ house is exciting and nerve-wracking. There’s the thrill of living alone without following restrictive house rules, but you’re faced with the responsibility of taking care of all the bills.  If you’ve made up your mind about leaving the nest, here are insightful tips on How to Move Out of Your … Read more