Cashier's Check vs. Money Order Cashier's Check vs. Money Order

Difference Between a Cashier’s Check vs. Money Order

Do you get confused between a cashier’s check and a money check? There is no need to get confused. There is a difference between both. We are here to discuss “cashier’s check vs. money order”. The meanings are easy to understand.

A money order is a prepaid paper piece. It is like a check; you get after exchanging money. It is essential to send money to people. The payee can do easy deposits in their account. What is a cashier’s check? A cashier’s check is like a money order. The bank issues it and needs a bank account. To help you understand, we will discuss the difference in detail. Scroll down for more information.

Cashier’s Check vs. Money Order

What is a Money Order

A money order is the form of payment for a particular amount. The two persons use it as a payment form. You can use it in exchange for a service or product. People need to pay the amount to get the money order. 

You produce the official money order document to the other person. The receiver will have a receipt. He can exchange it for a deposit in the bank account.

You can buy a money order for the necessary amount. It is the same as a certified check. The money orders are at the limit to their original value. The certified checks do have such a limit. You will get the amount in print form by machine. You will receive electronic forms’ ad the same record.

What is a Cashier’s Check

A cashier’s check is a safe way to transfer large payments. The financial institutions write the check. Financial institutions are banks or credit unions that own the funds. When a person requests the cashier’s check, there is a money transfer. Money is from his bank account. The bank rep signs it in the name of a third party.

How to Deposit a Cashier’s Check

You need to take the cashier’s check to the bank. It is necessary to tell the bank rep. It would help if you gave the check on the counter. You need to mention, “For Deposit Only”. It would help if you wrote at the backside of the check-in endorsement place. A signature is compulsory to endorse it for deposit. 


Where to Get a Cashier’s Check

You go to the three places in the bank to get the Cashier’s check. It is essential to check the need for the issue. It will ensure that you will receive a cashier’s check. If you have an account, some banks will limit the Cashier’s check.

Where to Use Money Order?

How do you use a money order and what are the advantages?

Assurity of Funds

The sum gets paid out of the personal bank in money orders. The receiver has a guarantee to receive the funds. People find money orders essential for conducting business. You get the benefit of preventing overdrafts.

There is a financial guarantee in the traction of global business. Letter of credit helps banks transfer to a bank in another country. A particular account holder should have adequate funds.

Provide Funds Immediately and in a Secure Manner

People consider money orders safer than checks or cash in case of theft. You have an option to cancel it if another person has not cashed it. There is an option to reissue to the recipients. The amount is cashed by someone, but not the recipient. You can report the officials. It is necessary to report the details of the place.

If your money gets stolen, you do not need to worry. The issuer will give you a refund. Many times, a money order is not cashed. You can share the information with the cancellation payment fee. You can have another money order issue.

Best for People Who Don’t Own a Bank Account

The payee and payer do not need a bank account for the money orders. You can use money orders paying power bills without bank accounts. A money order is beneficial if you do not have a bank account. You can buy money order certificates in the US. There are a vast number of branches of the US Postal service.

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Where to Use a Cashier’s Check

If you’re looking to use a cashier’s check instead, here are the advantages and how you can get one:

Large Purchase is Involved

You can use cashier’s checks for large purchases. It can be house sales or car. It is best when you use a credit or debit card. There is an extra security feature in the Cashier’s check.

The signature and watermarks are of the bank employees. You buy a cashier check from a credit union or bank. The parties are confident about the safety transaction. There is no risk of fraud or theft in the transfer.

Payments Requiring Certified Funds

The bank signs the cashier’s check. The consumers sign the certified checks. The banks issue the cashier’s checks. It is easy and secure. Cashiers check transfers certified funds to the people. They are safer. There are fewer chances of fraud. You need to draw a Cashier’s check on the bank account.

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Key Differences Between a Cashier’s Check and Money Order

You get confused with Cashier’s check vs. money order. To help you out, we invested hours of research. Our purpose is to find the fundamental difference between the two.

Amount Involved

You deposit the cashier’s check. You will get the first $5,000 available in a single business day. Money orders are distinct with a more extended time of waiting. Only $200 available in a single day. USPS money orders are getting treated well. Other types of money should get the same facility as a cashier’s check.

From Where You Can Purchase

Money orders are available in the place they sell them. It includes pharmacies, convenience stores, and post offices. You can get it in credit unions and banks. You can get Cashier’s checks only in credit unions and banks. It is necessary to have an account to get one.

It won’t be easy to get a cashier’s check. This is because of the absence of a local bank account. It is not possible if there is no bank branch near your place. Local bank account plays a role in saving money and time. There are available options: –

It would help if you visited a credit union or local bank. It is vital to ask if payment of cash is possible. You use a debit card cash advance to buy Cashier’s check.

You can use the online method. E-mail and fax are the best online ways.

Authorization Party For a Cashier’s Check and Money Order

The authorized body issues the money order to the payer. It will have the name of the payee and issuer. It will have an amount of cash. The payee does not have to pay. Credit and bank charge more than a convenience store. It is about issuing money orders.

You need to sign on money order for authority. It is blank labeled “From” on USPS money orders. It is upon you. You sign or write in your name.

One or two bank officers or officers sign the Cashier’s check. Some banks issue Cashier’s checks. It features a copy signature of the senior level officer. Many banks write the maintenance of the Cashier’s check account. They mention the issuing of the check.

FAQs: Cashier’s Check vs. Money Order

Do cashier’s checks clear immediately?

It does not clear the Cashier’s check immediately. It takes one business day for Cashier’s checks and government. The personal check is available after one day of the business.

Which is better, a cashier’s check or money order?

Cashier’s checks are pretty safe. Money orders are simple to buy. Cashier checks are the better choice for safety. You can make large payments through cashier checks.

Is a cashier’s check as good as cash?

You can draw cashier checks on the bank’s fund for the payment goal. It is good because the money is in the bank. The Cashier’s check would not bounce.

Can you get scammed with a cashier’s check?

You can get scammed with the Cashier’s check. A buyer prefers to buy a product with a money order. There can be many reasons. The buyer sends the issued check for the amount of the product price. He uses the Cashier’s check to scam the seller.

Does a cashier’s check have my name on it?

You draw a cashier’s check on financial institution funds. It is essential to mention the payee’s name. You cannot get a blank cashier’s check.

What is the maximum amount for a cashier’s check?

Many businesses do not issue a money order over $1,000. There is no particular limit on the number of cashier checks.

Conclusion: Cashier’s Check vs. Money Order

The money order is available at many places in the US. It is easy to get it, and there is a need for a bank account. A cashier’s check needs a personal bank account. It is safer, and you can make large payments. Hope you came to know the critical difference between them both. If questions, let us know in the comments section.