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3 Easy Ways to Fill out MoneyGram Money Order

For the secure transfer of your money through MoneyGram, it is essential to fill out the money order correctly. The majority of people don’t know how to fill out a MoneyGram money order, which results in money loss.

You can send money through MoneyGram by using three different methods. Two methods are physical, and one is online. The physical method requires you to buy a money order form and fill it. While in the online process, you have to give them the correct information.

What is a MoneyGram Money Order?

MoneyGram is an organization that helps you to send money anywhere throughout the globe. A MoneyGram money order is a form that you have to fill to send or receive money. It allows you to send money to a bank account, mobile wallet, or any other person in the world.

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Where Can I Purchase a MoneyGram Money Order?

The best place to buy a MoneyGram money order is to buy it from the MoneyGram branch. Moreover, you can also purchase a MoneyGram money order from a licensed retailer in any supermarket or grocery shop.

Never buy a MoneyGram money order from local retailers who don’t have a license to sell money orders. Purchasing money orders from suspicious parties may result in a significant monetary loss.

Benefits of Money Orders

Sending or receiving money through Moneygram money order has few benefits. The two notable advantages of them are:

Safe and Easy Way of Payment

Moneygram provides you a safe and secure way to send your money anywhere without the fear of monetary loss.

Easy to Get and Pay

The payment process is relatively simple and doesn’t have many complications. Anyone can make payment very quickly through a MoneyGram money order.

3 Methods to Fill MoneyGram Money Order

As mentioned above, you should fill the money order form correctly for the secure transfer of your money. Below is a guide that shows three methods for how to fill a MoneyGram money order. All three ways are applicable and widely used, so there is no risk in using any form.

 1. Acquiring a MoneyGram Money Order

Moneygram money order guarantees the safe transmission of money. It assures the receiver that he or she will receive the money at any cost. You cannot decline the payment once you have bought a money order. It is because you pay upfront when you use a MoneyGram money order to send money.

Make Sure You Can Make Payment

The money order is the most secure method of money transfer, but many companies and people do not accept it. So it is better first to ask the receiver whether this form of payment is acceptable to him or not. Primarily it is used by government agencies for making payments.

Know Your Options

First, you have to select an option from where you have to buy a money order. You can buy it from supermarkets, grocery shops, post offices, and many banks. The best option is to buy from a Moneygram branch or a bank to avoid any fraud.

Find a MoneyGram Branch

If you can’t find a place nearby to buy a money order, you can find a branch here. If you have an internet connection, go to the website and enter your location there. The website will show you all the nearby places from where you can buy a money order.

Send Money Order Online

Still, if you don’t find any place nearby to buy a MoneyGram money order, go for an online process. Again it would help if you asked the receiver whether he will accept payment in this form or not.

2. Filling Out a MoneyGram Money Order

Once you have bought a money order, all you need is to fill it correctly. Follow the following steps to fill your money order.

Ask for Money Order From the Teller

Before purchasing a money order, you should know the exact amount of money you have to pay. It is because MoneyGram charges a fee for every transaction, so you must be ready to pay the charges.

Write the Recipient’s Name

The first line you will see on the money order will be, “Pay to the order of.” In front of it will be a blank space. There you have to write the name of the person or a business which will receive the money. Make sure you spell the name correctly.

Write Your Complete Address

In the purchaser section, write your complete address. Adding your name to it will be a better choice. If the receiver is facing any issue with payment, he might contact you through this section of the form. So try to write clearly using ballpoint so that the writing doesn’t fade away.

In case you are paying a bill, you would also be required to enter your account number. At the bottom, you will see a space for the purchaser’s signature. As you have purchased the money order, so you have to sign there. Your signature must be the one you use everywhere.

Detach Money Order From Receipt

There is a detachable receipt on the side of the money order. After completing the money order, never forget to remove that receipt and keep it with you. This receipt is proof that you have sent the money.

If the order gets lost, the MoneyGram will search for it through this receipt. Moreover, you can also track money gram money order with the help of this receipt. So never lose this receipt until the receiver receives the money.

3. Sending a Money Order Online

The third method is sending money orders online. If you are going with this method, follow the following steps.

Enter Information on Official Website

To send Moneygram money orders online, open MoneyGram’s official website. They will ask you for your information to verify you. After you have entered complete information, you will get a new screen to enter some information regarding the money order.

In the amount section, enter the amount that you want to transfer. Remember to place the decimal point and two zeros after the digits. Like if you have to pay 200 dollars, write it as 200.00 dollars.

Select Country and Speed

Select the country of the receiver and also the speed at which you want to transfer the money. It can be as quick as 10 minutes if you are paying using a debit card. Paying cash through a bank account may take up to 3 working days to complete money.

Enter Recipient’s Information

On the same screen, you will find a space for the recipient’s information. Enter the phone number and complete name of the receiver. When entering the receiver’s country, remember that you can send a maximum of 499.99 dollars to the state of Arizona.

Enter Payment Details

At last, enter your payment details. If you want to pay money with your card, remember that MoneyGram accepts only three types of cards. You can use the master card, visa card, and Discover cards to make payment online on MoneyGram.

In case you are paying with your bank account you have to give some details of your bank account. Moneygram will need information like your bank account number, routing number, and account type.

Complete the Money Order

Once all the information is completed, you can complete the money order. Remember that paying using a debit card results in a quick delivery as compared to the bank account. Through an online process, you can do a money gram money order refund.

If you want to cancel your money order, you have to visit the branch as soon as possible. The later you go, the more fee they will deduct.

Drawbacks of Money Order

Besides having several benefits, money order also has some drawbacks. Like if you want to send money to the state of Arizona, you can send 499.99 dollars maximum. Some more are discussed here briefly:

Replaced Nowadays with Fintech Payments

We all know the advancement that the world has made recently. Sending and receiving payments nowadays is not a problem anymore. Many other ways have been introduced to send money safer and quicker. Fintech payments are more reliable than MoneyGram money orders.

Not Suitable for Frequent Transactions

MoneyGram money order is not suitable for frequent transactions. It is because it gets costly when you go for recurring transactions daily. Moreover, it is also time-consuming to buy a money order if you go for a physical payment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I received a MoneyGram money order; where can I cash it?

A lot of people come up with this question of how to cash a money gram money order? Or where can I cash a money order? You can cash a money order quickly at any MoneyGram branch near you. Just go there, and they will ask for a recipient number and will give you the cash.

Should I keep the money order receipt?

Yes, it is vital to keep that receipt with you until the receiver receives the payment. In case the money order is lost, this receipt will be your proof that you have sent a money order. Without receipt, MoneyGram will not be responsible for any loss.

Can I send a MoneyGram money order to a country outside the United States?

Yes, you can send MoneyGram money orders to a country other than the United States. But that may have more charges as compared to sending money inside the United States.

Does money order expire?

The money gram money order doesn’t expire up to three years after the purchase. After three years, a specific charge fee is deducted from the total amount. However, you can cancel it (search how to cancel money gram order).

How do I get a photocopy of a cashed MoneyGram money order?

Getting a photocopy of your money order may take three to eight working days. You have to visit a MoneyGram office, and after filling a form, you will have to pay eighteen dollars as fee charges.

3 Methods to Fill Out a MoneyGram Money Order

Well! That’s all about how to fill out a MoneyGram money order (methods), its benefits, and drawbacks. We hope you might have understood all the three ways we mentioned. So, which way are you going to choose and for which purpose? Let us know in the comments.