REPAYE vs. PAYE: Which Student Loans Are Better For You? [2021]


If you’re experiencing trouble paying back your education loans, what could be helpful for you? Well, you may get some help by registering in the income-driven repayment (IDR) program. These programs can lower your costs by focusing your monthly payments and increasing your loan period. The question is, which IDR scheme is genuinely ideal for … Read more

Best Personal Loans of 2021

best personal loans of 2021 2223

personal loans LightStream For people who find themselves short of money in an emergency, but don’t want to risk their credit score by borrowing money, personal loans might be the right answer. There are many ways to obtain a personal loan. Online lenders are the most popular and easiest way to get a personal loan. … Read more

What is a Sinking Fund, and Why is it Required for Repaying of Debts

What is a sinking fund - Use this to repay the debt

In this article, we will talk about what is a sinking fund and what its uses are. Many people get confused when they read the name “sinking fund.” The name is sinking, but actually, it is a fantastic way to save money. Even some companies use this method to save money. There are many ways … Read more

What Does Derogatory Mean and How to Fix it?

what does derogatory mean 2

What does derogatory mean? It is a term used to describe the negative information on a borrower’s credit report. Lenders use this term to explain the debtor’s reason for defaulting on payment. What is derogatory credit is another question closely related to derogatory marks.  Derogatory credit items are those accounts affected by the negative information … Read more

Why is My Credit Score Low After Getting a Credit Card and How to Increase It?

Why is My Credit Score Low After Getting a Credit Card

We use credit cards. When we use it, how does credit work? A person borrows money as per terms and conditions. He/she pays the amount back after a certain period.  A high credit score is useful to get approval for loans. A high credit score ensures less interest in the approved loans. Banks issue credit … Read more

How One Meets FCRA Requirements?


Most of us use credit cards in daily life. The transaction information lies with the credit bureau. We get benefits if it meets FCRA requirements in the system. It is vital to have a basic knowledge of FCRA. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law in America. It maintains the fairness, correctness, and … Read more

Income Restricted Housing and How Bad is it?

Income Restricted Housing

What is Meant by Income Restricted Housing Apartments? These are privately-owned apartments that qualify for subsidized or reduced low-income rentals. As such, qualifying applicants raise a specific percentage of rent based on the area’s median income.   Initially, the apartments were owned by the government. However, they were later devolved to allow states, cities, and private … Read more

Average Credit Card Limits and How to Increase it?

Average Credit Card Limits

The customer may have no credit history. Getting approval for a credit card is difficult. A person receives the credit card as per the factors like income. He/she prefers to increase the average credit card limits in life.  If people manage to increase the average credit limit; they enjoy many benefits. People need to reduce … Read more

Measurements of Your Credit Card?

Measurements of Your Credit Card

We use credit cards throughout life. Do we know the credit card size during usage? The question sounds tricky. We may have observed the credit card with a magnifying glass. It came to make the transactions fast and easy. It looks attractive and feels interesting to touch. We have not given a second thought to … Read more