Buy Tesla Stock – Things to Know Before You Invest in Tesla

buy Tesla Stock

You are an investor, and you come across Tesla stock. The question that pops to mind is should I buy Tesla stock? Tesla is an electric car automobile company. You need to know Tesla’s financial condition. The stocks of the company fluctuate. A passionate investor like you is in a debate. Elon Musk is the … Read more

What are Equities and How are They Different from Stocks and Shares?

What are Equities

Do you want to learn the difference between equities and stock & shares? What are equities in business? Equity means that the company returns value to the shareholders. It is possible if they divide the assets, and the company pays the debts. Equity is the remaining ownership in the firm. You get it after subtracting … Read more

Things to Know Before Buying Stock on Margin

Things to Know Before Buying Stock on Margin

Buying on margin is lending money from a stockbroker to acquire stock shares on margin. It’s possible to get a personal loan on a low interest rate against your current stocks if you hold thousands of dollars in your account. You can also utilize the loaned money to purchase more stock. Theoretically, it can increase … Read more

Common Stock vs. Preferred Stock: What is the Difference?

Common Stock vs. Preferred Stock

Common stock vs. preferred stock, which one should you invest in? This is one question that lingers on most investors’ minds. The truth is both are worthwhile investments. The difference is in their returns and your investment goals. Preferred stock is almost similar to bonds as investors earn fixed amounts of income in the form … Read more

What is a Stop-Limit Order?

What is a Stop-limit Order?

What is a stop-limit order, and when can you use it? This is one question many investors ask when trading. Trading in the stock exchange market is wrought with many risks. And finding a way to mitigate them is critical to maximizing returns. The U.S. equity market experiences periods of price dislocation and volatility, extending … Read more