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Buy Tesla Stock – Things to Know Before You Invest in Tesla

You are an investor, and you come across Tesla stock. The question that pops to mind is should I buy Tesla stock? Tesla is an electric car automobile company. You need to know Tesla’s financial condition. The stocks of the company fluctuate. A passionate investor like you is in a debate.

Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of the company. He has turned the small dream into a giant electric vehicle company. Doing research is quite time-consuming. The financial advisor may not give the right advice on the stock market. Asking people leads to risk and confusion. We have prepared a guide for Tesla’s stock investment. Scroll down for more information.

Overview of Tesla

The group of engineers founded Tesla in 2003. Their goal is to prove that people should drive an electric vehicle. The customer should not compromise on the same. Electric vehicles are fast, fun, and better to drive. Tesla builds clean energy generation.

The company wants the world to avoid fossil fuels. It helps to reduce air pollution. Electric cars with modern technology ensure zero emissions.

Tesla vehicles production is in Giga factory shanghai. Tesla is taking proactive measures for safety. They want to achieve a safe factory in the world. The production employees need to take part in the multi-day training program.

It is compulsory before they step their foot in the production factory. Tesla provides training on the job and monitors the performance. They ensure employees progress in their performance. There is continuous improvement in Tesla’s safety rate.

Tesla creates excellent sets of energy solutions. It is helpful to create a renewable source of energy. The solutions are a power pack, solar roof, and Power ball. Solution helps businesses to manage sustainable energy.

Tesla produces affordable and accessible products for more people. It develops clean production and clean transport. There is the existence of solar energy, batteries and electric cars. The combination of them becomes a powerful machine. Tesla has this vision.

2021 is Year of Growth for Tesla

Tesla Massive Expansion

Tesla has delivered several cars in the fourth quarter of 2021. It has a more vital goal for global expansion. Tesla is taking expansion in China. They will open new factories in Germany and Texas. 

In the first quarter of 2021, it had announced to deliver 1,80,570 vehicles. There were a short of 450 vehicles last quarter and year. Elon Musk had set the target for the year 2021.

Why is tesla stock going up? Tesla is boosting the production of the market model. The purpose is to meet increasing world demand. There is great demand for cars with battery power. In 2021, Tesla saw a jump at 36%.

Tesla has the formula to meet the consumer’s wants. The company needs to maintain the demand. They want to build factories in Texas, Germany, and Brandenburg. It was easy to see the boost in production in Shanghai. Mass production has been complex.

The result was Marvelous for Elon Musk and his firm. The company had joined Standard & Poor’s 500 indexes on December 21st. It has joined after earning profits for five continuous quarters. The share of Tesla recovered by 743 percent in 2021. The stock market capitalization was $668.9 billion. In December 2021, the shares had raised to 1.6 percent ($705.67).

Musk aims to build 20 million electric vehicles over the next decade. It is double production than the competitors. He has a mission to ensure fast expansion in producing.

The company took a significant step for the third producing plant. The construction of it is in Berlin. It will produce Model Y. That factory will be the largest in the Tesla. It is built in an area of 2,000 acres. Tesla plans to produce Cybertruck. The big-rig truck is called Semi. As per Tesla, there would not be the delivery of Cybertruck until 2022.

Tesla Competitors List

Tesla is having competition with Volkswagen, General Motors, and Ford. The new entrants in the competition include XPeng and NIO. The automotive domain is shifting to electric vehicles.

List of the major competitors for Tesla in an electric car. 

·         Audi e-tran

·         Volvo XC40 Recharge

·         Porsche Taycan

·         BMW i3

·         Porsche Taycan

List of the traditional brand competitors of Tesla.

·         Tata Motors

·         Honda Motors Company

·         Ford Motor Company

·         PACCAR, truck producer

·         General Motors

·         Oshkosh

·         Wabco

·         Toyota Motors Corp.

Things to Consider Before Buying Stock

Fundamentals of Company

Should I buy Tesla stock? Before I buy Tesla stock, it is vital to understand the fundamentals. The company fundamentals show the business and financial data. The data will help to predict the stocks, whether they will go up or down.

The data includes large and small-scale factors that could affect stocks. Tesla has gained a good amount of profit. As an investor, I have to see its expansion and profit & loss.

Your Present Portfolio

Should you buy Tesla stock? You can buy Tesla stocks if you have a portfolio. The portfolio should suit the financial goal. It is a challenging task. Buying several stocks depends on your factor. They are savings, timeline, and calculated risks. The financial advisors do not have the exact number. 

You have a choice to perfect the number of stocks to hold. Diversification of investment is the central idea. Diversification in investment will reduce the risk. You will enjoy the chances of higher returns on investment. It is the best option to invest in various assets. You can invest in different industries as per your portfolio.

Proportion of Money You Should Invest in Tesla

Tesla stock buy or sell? You can buy tesla stock as per your investment plan. It is wise to buy the stock when it goes down at the lowest rate. You need to check the history of the stock performance. History repeats in the future.

The financial planner advises to save 10 to 15 percent. The savings is from the annual income. If you $500 a month, it creates 12% of your income. $500 is the proper amount for the income level.

Imagine that your income level increases to 4% per year. There is an automatic increase in the saving amount by 4%. You will see it in ten years’ time. You had started the annual saving amount at $6000 per year.

It will increase to $8540 each year. You become 55. The annual saving will rise to $16,000 per year. This way, you achieve the goal of $1 million at 65. At that age, your per-year income will be $50,000.

Tesla Stock Forecast

Should I buy tesla stock now? You should not buy Tesla stock at present. The shares of Tesla have regained the 10-week moving average. It is an essential level of support. This scenario is the first since late February. On April 21st, 2021, the stock went up at a 50-day line.

50 -day level support is the big test. If the stock of Tesla can maintain that line, you can buy them. It is the buy signal for long-term investment. The aggressive investors can benefit from it. A new base will form at a 900.50 buy point.

Follow Trend and Approach Industry Experts 

It is essential to understand the stock market trend and approach. It will help you understand the market changes. A trend is a direction where the stock moves. Stock moves either in an upward or downward direction. There is a massive chunk of data to understand the share market. You should identify the sector to know the market trend.

Focus on the industry for diversified investment. The market trend analysis includes internal and external factors. This factor affects the trend. You can take advice from the experts for stock investment. You would not drive your car in the wrong direction. It is wise not to invest against the market trend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to buy Tesla stock in Canada?

Steps in buying Tesla stocks in Canada.

1. You need to open an online brokerage account.

2. Invest in TFSA, Non-registered account, or RRSP.

3. Do the setting of Automatic Deposits.

4. Pick your approach in investment.

5. Keep the money ready for the investment.

How high is Tesla stock expected to go?

Ark expects Tesla stocks to rise four times over the next four years. If that occurs, the company value rises to $3 trillion.

What happens if I buy Tesla stock today?

You will know if the current stock market trend is possible to buy stocks. It can be an environment where you can buy and sell shares. As per experts, the shares of Tesla will rise because of consumer demand. There is a demand for electric vehicles to save fuel.


You can buy Tesla stocks. Before buying, it is crucial to do a market analysis. You need to invest as per the market trends. The rise of the Tesla stock depends on the business expansion. 

The expansion takes place if there is consumer demand. There is a demand for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles benefit the environment. This auto giant is producing cars at an affordable price. If questions, let us know in the comments section.