Your Credit Card Expiration Date Your Credit Card Expiration Date

Your Credit Card Expiration Date: What You Need To Know

According to the Credit Card Producers, the user is needed to replace the credit card when it gets damaged physically. That’s the main reason; credit card expiration date is present. This date also prevents security breaches that hackers can use to get unauthorized access.

This expiry date is also known as the significant piece of verification data. However, the expiry dates are always displayed just near the center of the credit card. But the cardholders forget it quickly because they don’t consider it valuable. It may lead to a bad situation that you may have to face when your card expires.

The Financial Institutions always mention the credit card expiration date. But some organizations choose their customers to set their desirable decline date. The credit card will thus be helpful in that duration only. 

In this article, we will give you complete information about credit cards. You will come to know about the credit card due date, how to destroy a credit card, and many other things.

How to Find Your Credit Card Expiration Date

The expiration date of credit cards is mainly found on the backside or the front of the credit. This expiry date displays in only digit formats like month and year. According to this, the credit card will decline when the month is going to end.

Maybe you think, do credit cards expire at the beginning or end of the month? Let me explain in simple words. Suppose that your credit card expiration date is 9/25. The credit card will expire in the year 2025, and the month will be September. It will be the last day of November.

But make sure one thing, that this expiration date is not the decline date of your credit account. It is only for this piece of card which you hold. The cardholder’s credit account would be active until the user follows all the privacy policies and good standing rules. Besides this, it could be closed under any non-authentic action by the issuer. 

How Credit Card Expiration Dates Are Determined

You cannot determine the expiration date without having your credit card. So, it’s necessary to have a card. To avoid any issues, keep a scanned copy (copies) of your card. By default, most of the credit cards expire after three years’ usage.


What Happens After a Credit Card Expires

As you know, on the decline of the credit card due date, the customer can’t use it more. So, they will not be able to buy anything because he/she could not pay for it. You will only be able to withdraw your cash from the organization and use it.

What Happens After a Credit Card Expires

Many of the companies can inform their user by email. They tell before the 30 to 60 days of the card expiration date. Now, it is your responsibility to issue a new credit card.

This new credit card contains a fresh CVV- account security code and new expiration date. It does not matter product change and account upgrade, and your credit card number will be the same as before.

The creator may ask the credit card holder via letter if he/she likes to refresh it. The credit card issuer has the right to consider the account again before releasing a new credit card. It may happen when the credit card user suffers in poor standing or acts against the policy. 

In this case, the issuer has the right to terminate or expel out the relationship. So, the new card will not be released.

What to Do With the Old Credit Card?

Many issuers of the company think about what to do with the old credit cards. Recycle them or destroy them. According to some advice of experts, shredding old credit cards is one of the best ways to protect the user’s card number. Otherwise, there is a possibility of falling your credit card number into nefarious hands.

Cutting the old credit cards into small pieces before throwing them into the trash will also work very well. Besides this, special plastics are used to coat credit cards. This credit card plastic is known as PVC. Recycle this PVC by Earthworks System. This system provides excellent help to keep the waste down.

If the credit card is composed of metal, then you can send it back to the company or organization for recycling. For returning, a special envelope is provided by the company. This envelope comes with the new credit cards. If not, you can request an envelope through online chat or connect the call to the help center.

What to Do When the New Card Arrives

The new card should be activated when received by the user. For activation, there is a helpline calling number found on the sticker on the card. You have to provide your documentation information and then log in to the associate online account.

During this, you also have to ensure the terms and conditions. Besides this, check the due payment dates, Cards APR, associated fee, credit card expiration, and issue date.

As your credit card number will remain the same, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to upgrade the expiration date and billing information with the help of a new CVV code. It may not matter for you, but the expiration date aids in ensuring that the financial information will remain secure.  

Why Credit Cards Expire

Most people don’t know why credit cards expire. So, behind this, there are two reasons, first is to offer you the chance to upgrade your Credit card technology. For your kind information, the banks constantly change the technology of card security. With the help of expiration, you will always be up to date with the new technology of card security.

The next reason is that after some time, credit cards are less reliable. With the help of renewing credit cards, banks make sure that your card is in working condition or not.

However, it is very awkward for everyone to renew their credit card after some time. But the main thing is that the issuers have some reasons to follow this practice.

Normal Wear and Tear of Card

It might be possible that your credit card can experience normal wear and tear. Actually, on the back of every credit card, the magnetic bar is present, and it might be possible that after some time, it may become less effective or may rub off. So, getting a new credit card will prevent this thing and make sure that your credit card is working perfectly without any issue.

Vital Anti-fraud Security Measure

So, the expiration of your credit card will prevent different types of fraud. We all know that on the back of the credit card, there is a CVV code present. This code, along with the expiration date of a credit card, will prevent people who make fraudulent purchases with the help of only your credit card number.

Renew Inventory Opportunity for Credit Card Company

For credit card companies, it is a fantastic opportunity to update their inventory. Here the main thing is that the renewal of a credit card will benefit both the customer and the issuer. In this way, both the customer and the issuer make sure that the person is using the latest version of the credit card. And also with the updated technology and high-level security.

Marketing Opportunity for Credit Card Company

The credit card expiration will provide the marketing chance to every credit card company. Most of the time, the credit card issuer will be responsible for selling the credit card to the customer. The credit card contains a fully upgraded account.

However, the issuer will offer some exciting deals to the customers, resulting in the customer signing up for the new account. In this way, the credit card company will remind the customer to renew their credit card and advertise their upgraded credit card with too many features and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens when a credit card expires?

When your credit card expires, this thing will not close your complete account; it doesn’t affect the report and score of your credit card. Other than this, your credit will not go away with the expiration of your credit card. 
If you think that the expiration date of your credit card will remove you from paying, then it is wrong thinking. If your account is closed, then you still have to pay the balance.

Will a credit card work after the expiration date?

If you want to use your credit card after the expiration date, your credit card will decline. It is a fact that most of the major credit cards contain the expiration date, but still, some credit cards don’t have this. 
For example, your credit expiration date is December 2021; then, your credit card will be valid until the last December month. So, I hope with the help of this detail, you get the answer to the question, do credit cards expire at the beginning or end of the month?

Do Credit Cards renew automatically?

The answer to this question is credit cards do not renew automatically. If the expiration date of your credit card passes, then in this situation, your credit is not valid. 
After the expiration date, your credit card issuer will send you the new credit card. But remember one thing that before using a credit card, you must have to activate it.

Do credit cards expire if not used?

Yes, if you don’t use your credit card for more than a year, your credit card issuer will decide to close your account. However, not using a credit card for a long time is one of the main reasons for the cancellation of an account. 
If you are using your credit card or carry some balance, your credit card issuer will not take transaction fees from the money paid by the shopkeepers or from the interest.


Most of the time, credit cards expire after some years of their issuing date. But the credit card’s expiration will not lead you to account closing. When you activate your new card, you must safely dispose of your old credit card. 

I hope this article will be helpful to you, and you know every detail about the credit card expiration date and many other things.