Measurements of Your Credit Card Measurements of Your Credit Card

Measurements of Your Credit Card?

We use credit cards throughout life. Do we know the credit card size during usage? The question sounds tricky. We may have observed the credit card with a magnifying glass. It came to make the transactions fast and easy. It looks attractive and feels interesting to touch.

We have not given a second thought to know about its size and dimensions. Suppose we do the research. The physical features of the credit card will surprise. Know the size and other elements of the credit card.

There are hidden benefits in the physical features. There have been hours of research. We have prepared the information about the measurements of the credit card. Scroll down for more details. 

Development of Credit Card Size

The global cooperation had put the measurement for a credit card. The measurements are about size and thickness.

The International Organization for Standardization was the first organization. It has developed the measurement of the credit card.

There were many groups to form standard dimensions in the past. It was before the International Organization for Standardization. 


No associations had made an impact as compared. It is until the International Organization for Standardization. 

People may think that cards’ looks are for the name’s sake. The main goal is to make it easier to fit into the wallet.

The measurements of the credit card meet the standards. The standards are of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Improved and New Size

There have been changes in the size and thickness over the years. The dimensions, thickness, and size do not remain the same.

There is development in technology. People can run the credit card on a small roller. It is to get a copy of the number on the card. The user needs to insert the card into a chip reader. He/she needs to swipe the magnetic stripe. The feel and look of the card remain the same. 

Effective Ways to Select the Credit Card

Material of the credit card. It needs to last for a long time. ISO standard plastic card is preferable.

Design of the credit card. The design will reflect the looks.

The customer should consider the other features. It includes APR, additional perks, and rewards programs.

The user must have the assurance of the size. It should not be small or big. The proper size makes it easy to slip in the wallet.

People have a different amount of credit card debts. The banks and credit companies are not the same. The size of the credit cards is the same.

What are Measurements of Your Credit Card?

There are global credit card dimensions for credit cards. Suppose we do not have any size and dimensions. It would have been challenging to manage the cards in the wallets.

People would have an ID card that fits the sideways. They would suffer from misplacing the credit cards in the slots. The credit card machine would have ownership of the particular cards.

What are the exact dimensions of a credit card? The question is effortless. It has different responses. There are global standards for credit card size.

There are four types of standard dimensions for identifying the cards. Each one has its name:

·         ID-000

·         ID-1

·         ID-2

·         ID-3

The dimension of the standard credit is ID-1. CR80 is the other name for the standard credit. Read the following measurements. The sizes are as per inches:

53.98 mm in height (2.125 inches)

85.6 mm in width (3.37 inches)


The standard dimension of the business credit card is 2 to 3.5 inches. This card supports any card from debit to credit purchases. It is for gift card usage.


How thick is the size of credit cards? The standard length of the credit card is as follows:

Ø  0.76 millimeters

Ø  0.03 inches

Mil can be considered one-thousandth part of an inch. The thickness of the credit card is 30 mils thick. The thickness quality is quite durable for the plastic cards. It is for a good reason.

The credit cards need to last in the given abuse amount. The credit card should stay with every swipe of the machine.


The magnetic strip determines the standard credit card sizes. The user needs to insert it into a machine. The size of the credit card needs to match machines.

The money-based credit cards need the standard CR80 size. Do we know? The plastic card companies make the cards thicker and thinner. It depends on the card type during production.

Credit cards on a money basis should have a similar thickness. Proper size is essential for the credit card machine.

Other cards are thicker or thinner according to the usage.

A card has a thickness of 20-24 mil. The user feels the card is more flexible.

A card has a thickness of about 10 to 15 mil. The user feels it thin like paper.

A card has a thickness of 30 mils (76 mm) and higher. People use them for parking garages and entry into the building.

The Exact Size of the Credit Cards

The size is the same as all credit cards. It helps users to keep the credit card in the wallet. The user enjoys the space change convenience. 

Suppose the size was not perfect as per the wallets. The users would suffer from managing and carrying it. Finding a wallet is way easy. Storing credit cards is pretty easy.

The size of credit ensures relevant entities. They have the option to have a conversation in a better way.

The card shares the same measurement. The exact size makes it easy for the business to use single card readers. It accommodates the credit card measurements.

A person does not need a variety of card readers. It addresses the entire range of measurements.

A person does not need a variety of card readers. It addresses the entire range of measurements. The identical size for credit cards is helpful. It has the audacity for far-reaching results. These results are enough to create serious matters.

Helpful Information on Credit Cards

1. Note the Penalty for late payment.

2. Check the interest rates on the transaction.

3. Check the available balance of the credit card.

4. Make a note of the processing network of the card issuer.

5. Remember the penalty for exceeding the credit limit.

6. Practice the terms and conditions of the credit card.

7. Earn the rewards in the best ways.

8. The Best ways to redeem the rewards.

Types of Credit Cards

·         Charge Cards

·         Prepaid Cards

·         Standard “Plain-Vanilla” Credit Cards

·         Business Credit Cards

·         Rewards Credit Cards

·         Balance Transfer Credit Cards

·         Student Credit Cards

·         Limited Purpose Cards

·         Secured Credit Cards

·         Subprime Credit Cards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the size of a credit card in CM?

The size of the credit card is the same in CM. The size is 5.397 cm in height, and the width is 8.56 cm. 

How many inches is a credit card?

A credit card is 2.125 inches wide and 3.375 inches long. The user would not find different cards as per global standards. The credit card needs to fit in any wallet. 

Are all credit cards the same size?

Debit cards and credit cards fall under the ID-1 category. It is necessary to have a size of 3.375 in × 2.125 inches. There are changes in the size of credit over the years. The dimensional needs will remain the same.

What does a credit card measure?

Credit cards have identical measurements. It is supposed to have a width of 3.37 inches. As per the metric system, the translation is 85.6 mm. The height of the credit card is 2.125 inches. As per the metric system, the translation is 53.98 mm.

What is the standard card size?

The standard card size is 3.5 × 2 in Canada and the United States. The designer might be from outside America. If it is, the close approximate will be 89 mm x 51 mm.

What do MM and YYYY mean?

There is an abbreviation of MM/YYYY on debit or credit card. It refers to the two-digit month and four-digit year. It shows the expiry date of the card. If the date expires, the user would not be able to use the card. He/she should ensure the bank sends the new one.

Bottom Line

The credit card size is the same. The design of the credit card is attractive. The users can handle it well. For the customers, it is vital to consider size, thickness, and material.

We have discussed the main reasons for having the same size. As we use, there is convenience to carry into our wallets. If questions, let us know in the comments section.