Why is My Credit Score Low After Getting a Credit Card Why is My Credit Score Low After Getting a Credit Card

Why is My Credit Score Low After Getting a Credit Card and How to Increase It?

We use credit cards. When we use it, how does credit work? A person borrows money as per terms and conditions. He/she pays the amount back after a certain period. 

A high credit score is useful to get approval for loans. A high credit score ensures less interest in the approved loans. Banks issue credit cards, we get disappointed with a fewer credit score. The article will discuss why is my credit score low after getting a credit card from a bank.

There are ways to increase credit scores. The customers need to follow easy steps. He/she needs to pay the dues on time. Low balances in the credit card will boost the scores. Many times, it is challenging to know the ways.

People might be new to the concept of credit. The experienced people are rebuilding the scores. It will be helpful if we know how to calculate the score. There are basic ways that will be discussed in the article. Scroll down for more information.

Duration to Get a Credit Card 

The card issuer will see the credit history. When we apply for credit cards, the question comes to mind. How long does it take to get a credit card from the bank? The approval of the card may get online. It takes 14 days. 

Moreover, the customer may make the application by phone or mail. It takes more time than usual. There are ways to get a credit card faster. 

Why is My Credit Score Low After Getting a Credit Card?

We get worried about the low credit score. Several factors are responsible for it. Go through reasons why my credit score is low after getting a credit card.

The Payment Was More Than 30 Days Late 

Credit card history is a vital factor for improving the score. It is responsible for 35% of the credit score. A person misses a payment, or it might have been late. The customer suffers negative effects on the score. The customer needs to pay the dues on time.

There are scenarios where a customer does not pay the dues in 30 days. The issues will complain to one of the three bureaus. The customer experiences a drop in the credit score. Suppose the rights are pending for 60 to 90 days. It will have a negative effect on the score.

 You Made an Expensive Purchase

The customer enjoys the convenience of making an expensive purchase. They do not have to pay the entire money on the counter. The customer has a significant balance on the credit cards. The credit bureaus will receive a high credit utilization rate (CUR).

A customer charges a high amount on the credit cast. He/she should pay the entire amount. It is essential before the due date. The high balance on the credit card affects the credit score. People suffer the high-interest amount on the pending dues.

Your Unpaid Account Was Sent to Collection

Why is My Credit Score Low After Getting a Credit Card 2

There are cases where customers do not pay the dues despite complaints. He/she reports it to a collection agency. They will record the debts in the credit information. The negative record remains in the system for seven years.

The positive history lasts for ten years in the credit report. It is essential for the customers to pay the dues on time.

Your Last Collection Dropped Off Your Credit Report

The customer calculates the credit score to earn a benefit. The credit score is placed on the scorecard. The banks compare the credit score of one customer to another. The process is through a scorecard. The goal is to get a credit score.

A customer might be on the top of the scorecard. The banks collect the report of the credit card. A person falls into the various scorecard criteria.

The bank issuer analyzes the adverse data on the report. The customers have a negative effect on the credit score. It is essential to keep the balances low.

You Made a New Application for Credit

The customer does the application for the loan or a new card. They may lose a few points on applying. The bank issuer offers, or the customer accepts the same. 

There are high risks at many credit card applications at once. Higher the risk, the lower is the credit card score. The customer has many credit card applications. He/she needs to stop the application of the card.

One of Your Credit Limits Was Lowered

The customer might experience lower credit limits on one card. It increases the credit use ratio. It has a negative effect on the credit score of the user. 

The banks issue credit as per the crucial factors. They are current debt ratio, history, and a score of the credit. The issue might lower the limit of the card. It depends on the card usage and pending payment.

The customer has the option to request an increase in credit limit. The issuer finds that the score is less in recent times. It will be challenging to make decisions. The customer might have to wait until the credit score increases.

You Closed a Credit Card, or One Was Cancelled

The customer will affect the credit score. It is when people start to close the credit card. The credit card may have more credit or a high balance. The bank has the authority to close the credit card.

This situation reduces the credit score. In a usual case, the customer closes the credit card. The customer decides to close the oldest credit card. It will reduce the credit score.

Steps to improve credit score

Why is My Credit Card Score Low

Review Your Credit Reports

The customers need to check the credit report. People need to check the credit report at regular intervals. It helps the user to know the errors of their information. 

In case of any errors, they need to remove the errors.

The issuer and customer calculate the score. The score is as per the data in the report. The report needs to be error-free.

Get a Handle on Bill Payments

Many times, there are pending loans or bills. The customer must pay the dues to increase the score. Payment history is one of the key factors in credit score calculation. The customer might delay in making the payment. It reduces the credit score of the card. 

A person should pay the EMIs and credit bills on time. It is advisable to use fewer payments of the credit card. Pay the complete number of dues on time. Keep the pending amount less.

Aim for 30% Credit Utilization or Less

It is wise to have a check on the credit card balance per month. The user must monitor the use of a credit card. It is quite beneficial to keep the pending balance at 30% or below.

The 30% or less balance is about the total credit limit. A person has the option to keep the balance below 10%. It is best for increasing the score of the credit.

Limit Your Requests for New Credit—and “Hard” Inquiries

A person may request the new credits to develop a credit file. The card issue asks for inquiry in each application. It reduces the credit score of the customer. 

The bank employee asks for the credit history. The inquiry will drop the credit score. Application of new credit reduces an average score. The analysis and age of the account are responsible for a low score.

Make the Most of a Thin Credit File

The thin credit shows a person does not have enough credit history. Good credit history is essential to improve credit scores. There are effective ways to make the thin credit fat. In addition, create a high score.

There are specific ways that help. It involves payment of the bill through the same banks. He/she needs to avoid overdraft. People should have an account in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did my credit score drop after getting a credit card?

The following reason is responsible for the credit score drop:

  • Application of the new credit card
  • Missing credit payment or pending dues.
  • There is the payment of loans.
  • Closing off the credit card.
  • There is an extensive transition of charge on the credit card.

How long does it take for your credit score to go up after getting a credit card?

It takes 4 to 12 months to increase the score as per the situation.

What is my credit score if I just got a credit card?

When a customer gets a new card. The score is not zero and does not exist. There is a calculation when the issuer to lender checks the creditworthiness.

How can I quickly raise my credit score?

Follow the tip below to raise credit score:

  • It is vital to have a check on a credit report.
  • Check the pending balance of the dues.
  • Pay the bills on time.
  • Have a lower interest through negotiation.
  • Request the issuer to increase the credit limit.

What is the fastest way to build credit?

Follow the tips to build fast credit:

  1. Rectify and remove the mistakes on a credit report.
  2. Make the bill payment on time.
  3. Keep the outstanding balance less.
  4. Take the option of becoming an authorized user.
  5. It is helpful to get a secured credit card.


There are factors that explain why is my credit score low after getting a credit card from the issuer. There is no good credit history, more pending dues, and more.

Pay the dues on time and set at 30% pending of the credit limit. A high credit score has many benefits. The benefits are loan approval, fewer loan interest rates, and more. If questions, let us know in the comments section.