Cash Advance Apps Like Dave Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

List of Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave For Interest Loans [2021]

In cash advance apps, Dave is the most known app that makes it place among many others. It is because of its lifesaver features which many of their genuine users have. The Dave app helps its users to meet their pending expenditures till the collection of an upcoming paycheck.

The cash advance apps like dave do not allow you to worry about the increased profit rates. It only requires as much as a $1 fee for a month. It is not a high figure to worry about. You can also be able to have a fee waiver in case of purchases from particular organizations.

There is no complete perfection in anything, and the same is the case with Dave. The only drawback is that the user of this app is eligible for a loan request, a maximum of $100. Then, you have to return the advance in three standard business days.

Cash Advance Apps Like Dave: Overview

Applications like Cash Advance are considered as great flux. As you know, in everyone’s lives, some events make them financially unstable. These include severe illness, vehicle stalls, loss of service, and increased electricity bills compared to your average monthly salary.

In all instant situations, the only helpful way is the Dave app. According to the latest estimated report, 32% of employees of an excellent company are still on organization spending plans. Besides this, 56% make savings from their salary, less than $100 every month.

On the other hand, about 50% of US employees have a bank account that holds $0. In a spending plan, the employee needs to focus on meeting all the monetary crises. Fortunately, many apps help you to make your financial plans and also for money-borrowing applications.

Not only this, Cash advance apps like Dave also aid you to have great control over financial needs. It provides you some beneficial methods to have some savings. Moreover, it helps you to get cash for any instant necessity.

What Is A Cash Advance Loan App?

It is a sort of application that helps the user to get a loan or advance for any emergency which demands money to meet. One of these apps is Dave; it permits its users to get a $100 payday loan. You can get this cash instantly instead of begging for a loan in front of people.

Compared to other loan methods, like personal or credit card loans, the interest rate on loans via apps is not expressed adequately. In this way, these apps may require a particular type of funding charges or subscriptions.

Why Is Dave the Best?

Many of you may want to know why apps like dave are considered best for loan or advance. Only the valid users of this application can understand the advantages. The primary benefit that attracts me the most is its easy steps.

If you are a newbie, you can easily use this app because it is simple to use. Through this app, you can handle your account at your fingertips. Additionally, you can adjust the least limits for balance. It helps you to know how close you are to your most minor balance limit.

The other feature is its fewer fees. If you are a Dave app user, you only have to pay $1 as a monthly fee. It is a flexibly affordable fee. In addition, you can get a loan on payday without any additional charges or interest. So, you can borrow an interest-free $100 advance.

Do you ever know about the latest feature of Dave? If not, then let me tell you. Now, you can rest from using this app whenever you want. For this purpose, Dave’s application involves the feature of “Pause.” So, you can hold on to your account and then resume it without any hurdle.

If you pause the app for a month or more, you will not pay even a penny as a monthly Dave fee. It is one of the unique apps in the industry to offer such a feature.

What to Look For In Alternative?

As in the above detail, you have known about the maximum payday advance, which is approximately $100. If you want to have more payday loan options, you can consider the alternative Dave apps.

If you will use alternative apps like dave, then always consider their loan limits and check that either you can check for your payment history or not. These loan apps like dave help you to borrow more money with extended returning time. Some of these include:

  • Earnin
  • Brigit
  • Avant
  • Chime
  • Branch

10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

Well! We have learned, “what is dave app.” Now, the next thing is what are the best cash advance apps like dave. So, we will explain them briefly below:

ACE Cash Express

ACE Cash Express is a cash advance loan app launched for iOS users. This application permits their user to appeal for an advance payment through iPhones. Not only this, but the users can also refinance and manage their accounts with some simple steps.

Additionally, this app allows users to plan real-time advance payments, One-time payments, and the making schedule for recurring current loans. To be eligible for this application, you need to provide your social security number, income sources, and bank account.


Avant is another known app as an alternative to Dave. It permits the users to manage loans from anywhere. Similar to Dave’s application, through Avant, you can keep an eye on payment history and expected payments.

Moreover, you can also refund the loan and make do for adjusting rates. If you qualify, you can achieve more than $35000, and it takes a few minutes to cash.

Branch International

Branch International is one of the personal finance apps which help users to borrow loan payments conveniently. Within no time, you can sign up on this app and apply for the required amount. You will receive your money in your account, and it does not take more than 24 hours.

Furthermore, this application aids its users in making a budget plan and approach earnings. We recommend using it to enjoy high-quality financial services.


Just like Dave, Brigit is known as a leading application. The user of this application is eligible to get more than a $250 loan. This application works for you if you are budget conscious because it can save your cash without any harm.

Besides this, you can keep an eye on where the money is going. It ultimately results in having moderate monthly bills. Additionally, in case of a refund of borrowed money, Brigit has flexible terms and conditions.


The CashNetUSA application allows its users to access quick loans when needed. One can also track their credit line and approach their valid accounts to check the balance or payment history. So, you can have complete details of current and future payment plans.

Aside from that, users can also benefit from financial courses (free of cost), coupons, and discounts. These features make this app different from other cash apps.


Chime is an online banking application among other cash advance apps. It is known for its most popular features, like providing different financial tools. The user of Chime can transfer their money from one account to another bank account.

However, the user of this app can qualify the Visa debit card, spending, and saving accounts without any fee. Not only this, one can send money as a gift to their loved ones within no time. Besides this, this app contains the feature of low or limited balance alerts.

Chime permits users to receive paychecks quickly, have overdraft potential without any fee, create and grow saving plans, and manage finances.


DailyPay is also a Dave-like application that provides a secure and convenient method to approach those wages that are not paid. Through this app, you can get a loan to pay your due date bills. It also helps to fulfill your monetary issues.

Besides, it allows you to acquire your earnings without being delayed. One thing to note is that DailyPay is for those employers who use this app as one of the instant paying platforms.


Earnin app also comes in the lane of Dave, like cash advance applications. You can get more than a $500 loan through this app. The working principle of this application is not complicated. After downloading and making an account, you will indeed find it straight.

In addition, the user can also withdraw an amount of $100 to $500. However, it depends on the user’s working hours.

Even Instapay

Even Instapay comes with several financial formats for its users. You can use it to apply for an advance, cash withdrawals, and many other purposes. It is the only app through which you can receive money on demand between upcoming paychecks.

Moreover, Instapay proves beneficial in the case of money-saving and paying bills. To get cash in an emergency, you have to send the request for advance, and money is in your account.


FlexWage is a well-known financial support app just like Dave, particularly for those doing their services. The employers can acquire their wages before payday.

Also, you can have complete access to your payment history or balance details. To qualify for advance service, the user should hold the account on this app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What app gives you money instantly?

All the cash advance apps like dave can give you money instantly. But among all these apps, the one and most known is DailyPay. It is quicker than all others.

What cash advance apps work with cash apps?

These include:

  • Earnin
  • Chime
  • Brigit
  • Branch
  • Dave
  • FlexWage
Does Chime let you borrow money?

In short, Yes. Chime allows you to borrow money, either $100 or more. It all depends on the requirements which you want to meet.

How can I make $500 quick?

There are many dave like apps that allow you to make $500 instantly. One of them is Earnin. It permits the users to have $500 within a few seconds.h

How can I make $100 quick?

The Dave online financial aid app allows you to borrow a maximum of $100 in your account. For this purpose, you have to install the app and sign in to your valid account.


If you do not want to get a payday advance, you should find other secure and beneficial ways to get a loan. In this situation, you should consider the cash advance apps like dave.

All these applications we discussed are authentic and safe to use. You can check your account and set a limit according to your preferences. So, you can use the app that better suits you.