These Sites Can Help You get Free PayPal Cash Codes These Sites Can Help You get Free PayPal Cash Codes

These Sites Can Help You get Free PayPal Cash Codes

Are you also looking for free PayPal cash codes? Well, that’s not a problem. Here we have a list of some websites that have helped many people get their cash codes. These websites are free, and you can earn your PayPal cash codes from here.

Before diving into the detail, let’s briefly discuss what PayPal is and how it works. PayPal is an international organization that provides online services all over the world. It serves as a connection in money transfers between different countries.

For example, if you have to send money to a person living in another country, you cannot send it directly. You both have to make your PayPal accounts, and then you can easily send money to each other. Let’s discuss how the websites can help you to get free paypal cash cards.

Go to for Free Paypal Cash Codes is a website where you can earn free Paypal money quickly. It may ask you for some confirmation, but don’t worry about that. Everything is free of cost, and you can also get your free paypal cash codes.

You will find a big green button on the website’s landing page with “Free Paypal Money, Click Here” written on it. On clicking this big button, another website will open. Here you will find options for selecting the gift Value Card.

Choose the Gift Card Value

There are three options for selecting the gift card value. You can either select a 20$, 50$, or a 100$ free PayPal cash code. The servers will generate the cash code, and you may have to wait for a few seconds.

Confirmation Step

The next step will be your confirmation if you are a human or a robot. You have to go through a small survey where you will have to answer some questions. The questions are simple, and they may ask your name, surname, or email.

Collect Your Free PayPal Cash Codes

After the surrey, you will find yourself on the free PayPal cash codes generator page. Here you will see your cash codes. Get free PayPal money with this exclusive voucher. You can use it several times to earn more cash codes and that too for free!!

Go to Swagbucks for Cash Codes

Swagbucks is another website where you can get free PayPal cash codes. If we compare this website with the previous one, we can see that you can only get a 25$ cash code here. On the other hand, has three different cash code offers.

For a better understanding, we have divided the process into several steps. Follow these steps to get your free PayPal cash codes instantly. You may not get money if you missed any of the steps, so read carefully and follow each step.

free PayPal cash codes

Make a PayPal Account

If you don’t have a PayPal account, visit and create an account there. For those who already have an account, move to the next step, as one account is enough for this. Also, verify your PayPal account as soon as possible.

Sign Up on

The first step is to sign up on You have to enter your password and email to sign up. Remember to use the email, which you have used to create your PayPal account. If the email is not the same, you will never receive your free PayPal cash codes.

Wait for Three Working Days

After you have completed the sign up process, you have to wait for three working days. You have to claim the cash codes in 30 days, or they will expire after that. You will also receive an email to claim your free paypal cash codes.

Instant Delivery

If you need instant delivery, use your first name and last name the same as your PayPal account. Moreover, you must verify your PayPal account before signing up on swag bucks. Unverified accounts could not receive the payments.

Go for Cash Codes

PrimePrizes is a website where you can earn free PayPal cash codes and make purchases around the world. On this website, you have to earn prime points if you want to get cash codes. To earn prime points on this website, you would need a PayPal account. 

If you already have a verified PayPal account, then move into action and start earning prime points. Later, when you have at least 2000 prime points, you can redeem them with PayPal money. Besides money, some rewards are also available for those who don’t want money.

PrimePrizes provide vouchers for 10 dollars, 20 dollars, and 50 dollars only. You can earn as much money as many points you have. You might be wondering how to earn the prime points, so let’s discuss it.

How to Earn Prime Points?

After the verification of your PayPal account, sign up on You have to enter your email and password to create an account on PrimePrizes. You don’t have to prove that you are a human, nor any other verification is needed.

You have to do some simple tasks assigned to you by the website. For example, you have to watch a video or download an app or play a game. Sometimes you have to complete surveys, but they are straightforward and don’t need any hard work.

Direct Payment System

PrimePrizes send the money directly into your PayPal account. The reason is that PayPal doesn’t accept any cards, so the payment of cash cards is sent directly to your account. Moreover, it is also convenient for the users as they can get money without any problems.

How Do You Get Money for Such Tasks?

It is a little bit interesting why the website provides you money to play a game or watch a movie. The sponsors of the apps or movies pay for watching movies or downloading and using their apps. When you fulfill their requirements, they pay us, and so do we.

Some research companies need the views of the people. SO they contact the website and post their survey questions. When the survey becomes successful, they pay for it. Similarly, app developers pay for the testing of their apps.

Go for Cash Codes

Idle empire is another website, just like the previous ones, where you can earn free PayPal cash codes. It is a popular website with over 500k registered users. The website has paid more than 1.2 million dollars to its users.

The above facts about this website confirm that it is an original website. A fake website cannot get such a massive number of registered users. You might be feeling curious to know more about this website, so let’s dive into it and see what’s inside.

Sign Up

Like the previous websites, the first step is to register yourself into the website. You can sign up here by using your email address and setting a strong password for it. You have to answer a few short questions during the signup process.

You can also directly sign up with your social media accounts. You can use Facebook, Google, discord, steam, and Twitter to sign up here. Signing up with social media accounts is easy, and most users prefer to register with these accounts.

How to Earn Points?

Start earning points as you finish your sign up process. You have to finish some research surveys or test some software to earn points. There are also some simple methods to earn points. Watching movies and playing several games can also give you points.

What to Do With the Points?

You might think that you want to earn money, but here you are getting points only. What to do with these points? These points are the PayPal cash codes that you can redeem for real money. The website will automatically send the money to your PayPal account.

Redeem the Points

The last is to redeem your points for different rewards or money. The website offers over 285 different rewards from which you can select any reward to redeem your points. The website also offers a quick delivery service, and you will receive the money or reward in 24 hours.

Final Words

These were some of the websites where you can earn free PayPal cash codes with minimum effort. For the cash codes, the most important thing is your registered PayPal account. And the second most important thing is that you have to sign up on the website.

All these websites offer free money for elementary tasks that even a child can perform. It doesn’t matter if you are from any country or you are of any age. You can easily earn free money or rewards by the simple tasks assigned to you.

You only need one account for this, and the tasks are beginner-friendly. You don’t need to worry if you are new to the website or don’t know what to do. Read the above article thoroughly, and you will understand everything about the free PayPal cash codes.