Mercari vs. EBay Mercari vs. EBay

Mercari vs. eBay: Best Place for Sellers and Buyers

We live in the digital world. Online platform shopping has been popular for the last decade. eCommerce companies offer the products at discounts. People are living in an era of competition. As the years passed, there was competition in the market. We will learn about the difference between Mercari vs. eBay.

EBay and Mercari compete against each other by gaining customers. Both the online companies are from different nations. EBay’s origins are from America and Macari from Japan. Customers enjoy the benefit of the prominent features of the product.

Some people start a sales business in giant online companies. Selecting the best eCommerce company is a mind-boggling activity. We have invested hours of research in creating actual data. Our tips will guide you through selling products to earn money. Scroll down for more information.



Selling on EBay

It is challenging for us to sell the products on sites like eBay. It is easy if we prefer to learn the ways. The seller needs to form an effective sales plan. He/she should overcome the odds to make profits. 

Important Points to Consider for Online Product Sales on EBay

Customer Feedback

The selling members of eBay have customer feedback in their product sales. We are eager to sell the product at the best price. Customer trust depends on the input. Get a good feedback score to boost sales. Better the feedback, there is more trust.

Respect the Customer

Customer is the king in any business. It is compulsory to respect the customers to sell the product. The seller needs to give genuine details of the product.

The buyer needs to be happy about its quality. There are times when the customer may return. It is essential to explain the return policy to the customer.

Payment Options

Today, there are many payment options. The seller needs to sell the product by providing a PayPal payment option. The buyer has the opportunity to make a payment using a credit card. If he/she accepts a check from the buyer, it will increase sales.

Upload High-Quality Images

Want to attract customer leads! Every customer wants to have a clear view of the interested product. The sales member of eBay should upload high-quality images. Quality of images attracts the attention to read features and price.


Selling on Mercari

People are eager to sell on sites like Mercari. A person is either an online seller or thinking about it. Mercari is one of the top markets for customer demand. The seller needs a master plan to attract buyers at Mercari.

Important Points to Consider for Online Product Sales on Mercari

Description of the Product

Some products have demand in certain seasons. For example, the umbrella is essential in heavy rains. Christmas trees are in demand during the festive seasons of Christmas.

Describe the product using online hashtags. Mentioning measurement and features is an additional advantage. The description helps the buyers to meet their demands.


Promotion of the Product

The sellers have the option to promote their products online. The promotion is essential to boost the sales of the product. The Mercari sale gives a discount on the price for customers. They are ones who have had good feedback in the past.



The seller has the option to ship items to the customers. He/she can create several ways for shipping. In this way, the customer will be happy.

The seller needs to select a method for shipping to benefit buyers. It is wise to form a list to make a comparison and help to choose the best. There are business tools and quick listing tools. The selection depends on the seller.

It is smart to have low delivery charges to win more customers. Free delivery is essential to develop the online business. Many customers are price sensitive. A little discount or free shipping makes a huge difference.


A seller has agreed to sell an item to a buyer. People have an option to use the prepaid label of Mercari.

A selling member decides to use a prepaid label. There is a question, how will he receive it from Mercari? The company will share the print shipping label by email. It is possible when a buyer agrees to buy the products.

The online Mercari offers shipping protection. The shipping protection provides a safety guarantee to the selling members. The seller has the benefit of using a prepaid label of shipping. He/she is able to do the shipping on FedEx or USPS.

Potential Reach and Audience


There was a market study. There will be 40% of online retail in the world through marketplaces.

The listing of eBay is more than 1 billion. The focus of eBay was to sell the classic product online. Today, the customer has the best choice to select brand-new items.

As per the market researcher, 16% of customers shop at least once a week. eBay had achieved a visit of 109 million in December 2018. 

Today, they have more visitors than before. The majority of the audience is between the group of 35 to 64. They make up to 61% on online eBay.


There is a global expansion of Mercari. They have well-established markets in the US and Japan. They have been developing markets in Europe and the UK since 2017.

The Mercari application has crossed over 60 million downloads since 2017. It has been enjoying the rise of its business. Mercari business has gained good demand in the year 2018. In the same year, the company began to establish itself on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 



The seller may sell more or items. It depends on their skill set and creativity. The Online eBay site has many tools for the selling of members. The tools are essential to prepare and ensure effective management. The seller will achieve more sales with the help of the devices.

The buyers must offer the product at the right price. He/she needs to view the example of the competitors online. They will have great ideas to make good sales and feedback scores.

Making a list on the global level helps to develop the sales business. More audiences around that will view the product information. They have different preferences on the online platform. The seller has the ability to sell the products as per customer feedback. 


It is for the seller to list Mercari. It provides the convenience of free, fast, and easy service. The seller needs to take high-quality photos. He/she must mention the details and price of the items.

People have the facility to list anything except prohibited items. A person is redeveloping the products or business start. It is the ideal online platform to get a new head start.

The selling member has the privilege to go through the listings. He/she has the option to alter the products listed.

The user has a view of the listing dates. He/she keeps track of the number of views. On this page, the seller has a way to promote a product. There is a repeat of the sales. He/she converts the item from deactivation to reactivation.

Customer Support and Experience


Forming a sales business with eBay helps in meeting goals from start to finish. eBay has a focus on creating an incredible experience for buyers. It is a competitive online market. They ensure that customers choose them over other rivals.

The customer asks for the query, customer support provides information. They care for the buyers online. The staff offer solutions to challenging situations.


The representatives of the Mercari do their best. It is to give value to the customers. The mission is to achieve the highest market on the online platform. It forms an effective system online for the buyer’s convenience.

The customer service ensures secure and safe money transactions. Safety helps them to gain trust. They make continuous efforts to develop an automatic system. This system helps to resolve the issues in the absence of stress.

Which Marketplace is Better?

Earning money is the main goal of every business. We prefer to focus on one thing full time. Some people have the talent to manage many tasks at once.

Consider eBay alternative in the marketplace. The seller will earn a high full-time income. The seller will find potential users. It is easier to sell products on eBay than Mercari.

EBay helps to sell a variety of items in the fast process. Neither a seller or buyer will face issues. The online payment process is easy and fast compared to Mercari.

The seller prefers to focus more on the listing. Mercari is the best option. He/she has the facility to sell a large variety of products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is eBay or Mercari better?

EBay is better compared to Mercari. It is easy to earn more income on eBay.

Is Mercari as safe as eBay?

Mercari is not as safe as eBay. There are many complaints about the refunds, quality, and product exchanges. Many customers have been facing the issues in the past.

Can you get scammed on Mercari?

There is no scam on Mercari. There are complaints from the buyers and sellers on the site.

Is it worth it to sell on Mercari?

The seller fees are the lowest on the online market platform. The seller enjoys high profits. He/she has the option to sell cheap products on Mercari. It is vital to maintain the quality as per the price.

Bottom Line 

People have different options to sell products online. Mercari and eBay have their benefits and limitations. Understand the difference between Mercari vs. eBay in the market. If questions, let us know in the comments section.