Refund Request on Paypal Refund Request on Paypal

How to Put a Refund Request on Paypal after Getting Scammed

How to Put a Refund Request on Paypal

With the increase of technology, the world has become a global village. The Internet has made the connections easier and nearer. Online shopping is very much progress, and a lot of people prefer online shopping. But there are a lot of scams also. Here we will discuss how to get a refund on Paypal if scammed.

No doubt online shopping is far more reliable and more effortless than physical shopping, it has some drawbacks. The major drawback that many buyers face is scamming, like not receiving the desired product or damaged product. Some buyers receive a product with parts missing. In such cases, you can go for a PayPal request refund.

Many people are unfamiliar with the process of Paypal refund. It is pretty simple. Just go to your Paypal account and go to the transactions section. There you will find all the transactions that you have ever made. Select the one which you want to refund and click on the refund option. 

For refunding money from PayPal, you have multiple options. You can go for a complete refund or a partial refund, or an additional refund if the product has harmed you. If the faulty product damaged your property or harmed you in any way, you can use section 75 against the seller. In such a case, the seller will pay you whatever loss you got.

What is a Chargeback?

When you approach your card company for a refund of a faulty or wrong product, it is known as a chargeback. If you got scammed while shopping online, you could simply go for a chargeback or request PayPal a refund. Paypal has its policy for the refund of disputed orders.

Just like Paypal, every card-providing company has its chargeback policy. In chargeback, your company will ask PayPal for the transaction details, and then it would suggest what to do. Keeping in view her policy, the company can take several steps, which may take up to some weeks.

How a PayPal chargeback Works?

During the chargeback process, Paypal doesn’t have any authority to prioritize anyone. Buyers and sellers are both of equal importance to Paypal, so the decision is always fair. Paypal decides after collecting shreds of evidence and studying the matter closely. Mostly Paypal tries to find a solution so that no one gets a loss.

When a buyer decides to go for a chargeback, he contacts his credit card provider. The buyer has to give transaction proof. After that, Paypal freezes the seller’s money in his account till they find a solution. Paypal then contacts both the buyer and the seller before diving into the problem for a solution.


As a Seller, How can I Manage Chargeback on PayPal?

Mostly the sellers are at a loss if the buyer goes for a chargeback. So what to do to avoid chargebacks. Remember that if several chargebacks are reported against the same seller, PayPal may take some strict actions. Moreover, PayPal is always on the buyer’s side, and the seller has to fight alone during the chargeback process.

Signifyd is the best solution for the sellers who face most chargeback problems. It is a paid app, which you can download from Shopify. Though the app is a little expensive, it provides you some features that you can’t ignore. Before diving into the app’s features, you should know that the monthly fee of the app is 1500 dollars.

Automatically Assess Order Reliability and Validity

Signifyd has access to your transactions and order section. It tells you whether there is any order pending or not. Moreover, Signifyd also provides chargeback security to your orders, which may protect you from huge losses in case of a chargeback.

Provide Auto Fraud Prevention

Signifyd also provides a zero fraud guarantee. Signifyd accepts the responsibility of protecting you from fraud transactions and supports you in the PayPal chargeback case. If you are a seller, Signifyd will make refund payments to you within 2 days.

Provide Fraud Liability Insurance

If you are ever scammed with a fake chargeback, Signifyd provides you a 100 percent refund for your chargeback. It is just like insurance, which ensures the safety of your online transactions and orders.

Automatic Order Approval/Rejection

Another brilliant feature of Signifyd is that it provides automatic order approval or rejection based on the safety of transactions. You can easily manage orders by setting your priorities for different types of orders.

Can I Prevent PayPal Chargeback Scams?

You have to protect yourself and shop from PayPal scams at any cost. Protecting yourself from faked chargebacks is not that much difficult if you follow several guidelines. The best way is to get the Signifyd app for your eCommerce website or shop. It is the best solution to all types of Paypal scams.

Several other steps that you can go for to avoid Paypal scams are as follow:

  • Before completing the order, make sure you have verified the Buyers IP address. And always send the product to the home address of the buyer, not to any company.
  • Use the Signifyd app to verify the buyer to make sure he is not a scam.
  • Your product descriptions must be easy to understand, so the buyer may not register any complaint regarding the wrong description.
  • Provide reliable communication to your buyers. Always be available to them.
  • PayPal Seller Protection will indeed protect you from huge losses. Never forget to get one.
  • If you ever received a chargeback email notification from PayPal, first check it thoroughly. Many scammers send fake chargeback emails, and the seller gets a considerable loss.

Another question that most people have is, can you cancel a PayPal payment. The answer is quite simple. If your payment is under consideration, you can cancel it at any time. But once your payment is made, you can’t cancel it. You can refund it, but you have to pay refund charges.

Differences between Chargebacks and Paypal Disputes

Now, we are clear about Paypal chargebacks, but what is a PayPal dispute? PayPal dispute is when a buyer and a seller got a dispute on order. The buyer also can go for the Paypal dispute, and then PayPal tries to solve the problem through negotiation. Some significant differences between PayPal chargebacks and Paypal disputes include:

Parties Involved

One primary difference is about the involvement of parties in both cases. In PayPal chargeback, the buyer as well as his credit card owner are involved in solving the problem. While in a PayPal dispute, the buyer and the seller have to negotiate on the problem and solve it themselves.

Account Suspensions

Another difference is the status of buyers’ accounts in both cases. In PayPal chargeback, the buyer’s account gets inactive, and the buyer can not use it for any transaction. While in PayPal disputes, only specific money is frozen, and the buyer can use his account for selling and buying.

Decision Making

In PayPal chargeback, the company offering credit cards can decide the fate of the problem. While in a PayPal dispute, the buyer and seller have to solve the problem through negotiation. If they can’t solve the problem, then PayPal moderators solve it by providing the best solution.

Resolution Times

Usually, a chargeback requires more time than a PayPal dispute. A PayPal dispute can end in just a few days, while chargeback can take up to six weeks. Sometimes, when the buyer and seller can not solve the problem, then the PayPal chargeback may also take up to one month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does PayPal protect you if you get scammed?

PayPal will indeed protect you if you get scammed by the delivery of the wrong or damaged product. If you are the seller, and someone goes for a chargeback, in that case, PayPal will make sure to save your transactions.

How do I refund a PayPal scammed friend and family?

If you ever get scammed, you can cancel Paypal transfer or dispute a Paypal chargeback if you are a seller. In the same way, you can also do this for your friends or family members who are scammed from an online purchase. 
The process for refund or chargeback on PayPal is relatively straightforward. Just log in to your PayPal account and go to the transactions section. Click on the purchase you want to chargeback, and click the option “refund.” In a few days, PayPal will refund your transaction.

How do I claim money back from PayPal?

If you ever received a wrong delivery or the product is damaged, you can simply claim your money back from PayPal. The steps are easy to follow. Log in to your PayPal account and go to transactions. Click on the transaction you want to claim back, and click on the refund button.

How do I report a PayPal scammer?

PayPal scammer usually sends emails that contain several links. If you received an email like this, which you think might be a PayPal scammer, just forward the email to Never click on any link in the email, as it might hack your PayPal account.

Final Words

The above article was all about how to get a refund on PayPal if scammed. First, try to avoid scams by using certain apps and following the guidelines given above. Next, if you ever faced a scam, try to use the best way to get your money back.

PayPal disputes and PayPal chargeback are the two most common methods to get your money back. Use the method which requires less time and ensures the protection of your money.