Acorns Vs. Stash Acorns Vs. Stash

Acorns vs. Stash: How They Work and Which One is Better?

In the past couple of years, the micro-investment application has become a better investment domain and the two mobile phone-based investment apps to compare are Acorn vs. Stash. These mobile apps offer the best solution with short time and expert tools to manage your saving and investment.

But which one is best? Let’s compare the two smartphone apps, Acorns vs. Stash, in detail.

Both apps owe various retirals, online banking accounts, and personal investment. These platforms enable you to save and invest a very small amount of money. These apps are a mixture of automated investing services and Robo advisors. If you do not have enough time and expertise to manage your investment. These are the best platforms. 

A notable feature of these apps allows you to invest without focusing once you get to step up. Furthermore, take a look at the features of both apps: better stash or acorns for investing.


As we discussed above, these two smartphone apps are great platforms for

Micro-investment. Acorn and stash owe low costs and excellent user expertise. But do they fulfill the marketing promotions? Let us illustrate in more detail whether they fit investment needs. Here is an overview of the acorns vs a stash.


Acorns are the best investing mobile apps for personal financial goals launched in 2014. These platforms allow you to invest a small sum of money from your regular savings. It owes essential banking services and family strategies. Acorns help you to maximize the capital that you have owed now. It provides valuable financial knowledge to secure your wealth.

Acorn is a digital financial instrument that controls the uses of smart auto-saving and advances technology for investing. The app offers you a cash-back bonus for the money you spend on an Acorn card. It also offers a feature to earn money from the google chrome extension. You can get financial wealth for education with growth from an acorn.


Stash has over 5 million users since it was established in 2015. It accesses banking and investment accounts along with saving and budgeting investment features. It offers a long-term investing approach to support and build your portfolio. It is the best and simple app for beginners to start investing. Stash allows you to start investing with a tiny amount. 

Stash offers a broad and unique range of investing options combined choice of EFTs and friction share of stock. It can help you to save for retirement. You can start saving by using stash auto- investing technology. Stash app is available for android and iOS and can download easily within a few minutes. 

Acorns Website - Acorns Vs Stash

Acorns vs. Stash: Fees

Although both are two different business investing models. They charge different amounts of management fees. Both companies charge a small amount monthly. The companies provide you specific services, but they can charge extra fees for additional benefits and services.


Acorn charges monthly three subscription levels. The personal account includes individual investment, while family beneficiation covers adults’ and kids’ expenses and service fees. Acron charges $1 per month for services included investment account, earns a bonus, and financial education. 

While it charges $3 per month for a personal account, including tax advantage, regular update, checking, and investing. A family subscription charges $5 per month for a retirement account, which covers all family advice.


Stash charges a service fee for the first month when you start it using. Then it can charge per month for the account balance. It has three membership levels set $1, $3, and $9 per month. 

Stash for beginners charges $1; it helps you with basic money management. While for stash growth, it charges $3 and $9 per month for stash plus services.

Acorns vs. Stash: Mobile App

Stash and acorns both owe mobile app and desktop type of version. So you can efficiently operate from home on a computer or mobile. Both can help you to check your account balance, investment, and withdrawals. It also allows you to adjust your investment and savings. 


Acorn mobile app offers you to connect your bank account with a mobile application. You can easily deposit through a mobile app at any time. The app allows you to deposit the change into your investment account. Acorn mobile app enables you to manage daily, weekly, and monthly investment deposits. For the time step up Acorn app starts anytime you need. 


Stash app does not offer automatically investing like the Acorn app. It provides a sequence for investment, and it depends on you to decide on investing. The investments depend on themes like Delicious Dividends. Based on themes, you can select exchange-traded funds.

To set up a Stash account, you have first put your preference investment and then open an account. Stash app also guides you on where to invest your money.

Acorns vs. Stash: Customer Support

Stash Website - Acorns Vs Stash

Arcon and stash do not have good customer support. Both apps do not focus much on customer-supporting systems. These apps only support their customers through email or FAQs, so do not expect much. Let’s discuss more details about customers’ support below.


Acron customer support is composed of FAQs about signing up and Acorn investments. It can provide us a phone number and live chat option for details about the account. You can easily share your problem by sharing your mail or leaving a message on the chatbox.


For customer support, the stash app offers an ask question page where you can email questions and get a satisfactory answer. If your answer is not clearly defined, there is another option for an automated chat feature. It lets you ask questions but does not provide a phone number or live chatbox like stash.

Acorns vs. Stash: Ease of Use

Both apps are easy to operate and use. Stash and acorn are not complex apps to use for investing. Those apps which are difficult to operate can make it difficult for investing. Let’s discuss how to use Stash and the Acorn app.


If you are a beginner, Acron is best for investing. You can select the option of how much money you want to transfer and invest into the bank. The second way to use the app is to set an acorn app after the debit or credit card round up.


It is the best app for those who want an automatic option for investing with free to select investment. It is easy to use. You can download it from the website, sign up, and start using it. You can choose what type of account you want to hold. After that, you have to fill some FAQ and then begin investing.

Acorns vs. Stash: Accounts and Features 

Acorn and Stash are two different financial business models but having the same goal to achieve. You can invest either automatically or by recommendation. Other apps offer various features for making investments with your money.

Acorn and stash are two mobile base apps having different account features for investing. It can help you to select Acorn or stash, which is best for investing. 


When you open an account on acorns, you will ask questions about risk tolerance. You are classified into different categories like a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor, and a moderate investor. After that, you can select the class and type of assets you want to invest

Acorns have different account plans. Lite, personal, and family accounts. It can charge different interest rates according to the account you owe. The lite account charges $1 per month, while for the personal account, $3 per month. If you have a family account, it charges $5 including your children, individual retirement, and account checking charges.


Stash also makes you fill a questionnaire to categories your account and for risk tolerance. Your account is set based on investment goals, age, and time sphere. Once you have fulfilled the questionnaire, stash offers you to select one theme over 30 different themes. You get to pick one based on your risk tolerance and get started to invest in it.  

Stash owes different account plans, same as an acorn does offer. They owe three types of accounts plan stash beginner. Where you get saving tools and budgeting, and it charges $1 per month. The second is stash growth; it gets all the features of stash beginner and charges $3 per month. The last one stash premium account charges $9 per month. 

Overall Winner: Stash

As I mentioned above, acorns and stash are two smartphone apps used for investing money. After the detailed information, share above clear that stash is the winner because it has the flexibility of choice and number of the asset it owes. It is the best option for those who have ideas about companies and want to invest.

It is a digital financial app where you can do your banking, saving, investment, and retirement planning. Stash offers a longer-term investing approach. You can easily sign up and create an account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are Acorns’ fees?

Acron charges a fee based on the bank account you hold. It starts from $1, $3, and $5 per month.

What is the account minimum for Stash?

Roth and traditional IRA accounts are account minimum for the stash. You need to deposit a minimum of $1.00 for an open account.

What is better than acorns?

Stash, acorn, Robinhood, and betterment are the best investment apps, but if you are a beginner and want to start investing, the stash is the best option.  

Can you make a lot of money with acorns?

Yes, you can earn extra money when you can use acorns for shopping and purchasing. You can connect the link to a debit or credit card and shop.


Acorn and stash have the same goal to help people invest without a significant amount of capital. There are low amounts of charges that can grow your portfolio in the future. 
We compared all the features of Acorns vs. Stash with above-listed information. Both apps provide excellent services to get started investing.